About Us

Senjo Clothing is a small company in the little and very cute town of Amsterdamin the Netherlands.

We opened our web shop for the first time in the spring of 2007 after noticing a growing demand for high quality Earth Wear that was not just all about costumes and dressing up.

By providing mix-and-match basic garments, like an every-day long-sleeved sweater with a earthy touch, as well as more extraordinary designs we hope to be able to give you the option to always dress like you want, wherever you are and whatever you do! Our clothes are meant to be lived in, at work, to parties, on forest walks, in the sofa, even horse back riding (trust us, we tried!), and all kinds of situations in life that require comfort but still the style you want!

We are proud to have made every single garment ourselves for all these years but as the demand keeps growing, we have started cooperating with a wonderful team with seamstresses in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our great quality and eye for detail has not changed and we will never compromise on our high quality. Much time is spent on finding the best fabrics and every seam is carefully sewn. 

Mathilda Oakmeadow is the woman behind of our little team here at Senjo Clothing. Her origins are the deep dark forests of northern Scandinavia, and she was grown up on old folk lore, myths and tales of all things mysterious and magical. This of course influenced her as an adult, even though one never really grows up with this job, and left her with a fascination for all wondrous things in this world and beyond. Later, after moving to the Netherlands at the age of 20, she found her calling with Senjo Clothing. Learning she has a natural talent for construction, design and the patience required to run a company, this turned out to be her much enjoyed path in life.

Influenced by our travels across the planet, our amazing friends and loved ones, and all the beautiful people we meet all over this earth, we hope to keep living in this dream and hope to keep making you these magical garments for as long as possible!

We would love for you to join us on this amazing adventure!