From tailored winter wear with thick enough lining to keep you warm even in the coldest of winters to lighter spring coats, we love designing and making these garments! Maybe growing up in snow covered fairytale forests up north sparked this obsession with the perfect winter garment, and yes, it is truly an obsession.. Thick felted wool, fur brims (fake fur of course!), large protective hoods, long tailored lines, nothing makes us happier and we hope you will love what we have to show as much as we do!

We hand make every single coat here in out work studio, after your measurements so you know the fit will be perfect and we spend lots of time and energy on giving you something that will last a lifetime!

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  1. Tendril Coat


    This amazingly cute form-fitted coat is made in high quality fleece with matching swirly bits in knitted fabric. The coat is perfect for forest adventures on chilly autumn nights.. It features long flared sleeves, and a pointy bottom hem that is longer in the back. Learn More
  2. Dragon Coat


    A truly unique garment! This fleece coat has a long spiral hood, silver clasps, multi-pointy sleeves and asymmetric points at the bottom and the edges are sewn with a decorative inlay, and is also incredibly flattering for your figure! One of our most popular garments ever! Learn More
  3. Tree Branch Coat


    This amazing tailored winter coat, made from the highest quality woven wool, with matching padded lining and tendril decoration will keep you very warm throughout the winter and will last you for years with proper care and love! When ordering this item, please add your measurements in the comment window in the order form, as well as your colour/fabric wishes. We will contact you if we have any further questions! Please allow 3-4 weeks for us to make you this garment. Learn More
  4. Winter Dragon Coat


    This beautiful coat is exactly the same model as the original Dragon Coat but in high quality woven wool and fully lined with padded lining to keep you warm and snugly in even the coldest of winters.. The coat also closes with swirly metal clasps as you can see on the pictures. Learn More
  5. Lynx Jacket


    This Lynx jacket is a must in every faeries winter wardrobe! Super versatile and works on top of basically everything. It is made with high quality wool and padded or un-padded lining, your choice! The big inserted pockets on the front are lined with soft fleece to keep your hands extra warm. Chose your preferred length of hood and colour! Learn More
  6. Magic Forest Coat


    Look like the queen of all faeries in this gorgeous form fitted coat! We are so proud over being able to present this model to you, and we hope you will think it is as beautiful as we do! :) This coat has a very complicated and beautiful foliage patterned details on hood, pockets, around the sleeves and bottom, and is made in the cosyest polar fleece! Learn More
  7. Ice queen coat


    This tailored coat will make anyone look like royalty out of winter fantasy wonderland. Almost floorlength (remember to add how long you want it), tailored to your measurments in high quality wool and with a matching lining and faux fur brim. The faux fur brim can be ordered in any matching colour and furry-ness ;) And do notice the super cute little tail-end of the hood! Learn More