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Together we can make a change!

Here at Senjo Clothing we think it is very important to share in our success, and are always looking for ways to improve ourselves, our industry, and generally be better fellow humans. In this respect, it it with pride that we can announce our support for the locally run charity Teleji, initiated by a close friend of ours! They do amazing work in Congo, Africa (one of the poorest countries on earth) and I can personally endorse that they do their very best, and not all donations go towards salaries or administration but to the actual people they are helping. I have seen myself how much a few euros can help and if 40 EUR can keep a child in school for a year, imagine what we could achieve together!

Children that are unfortunate enough to be born somewhere that doesn't have a adequate educational or healthcare systems, need our help. Teleji does a great job of helping people help themselves, and by educating boys and girls they are given a chance to change their own realities and make their own choices in life. This is especially important for girls that in some places have only two choices in life, either housewife or prostitute.. Don't you think everyone deserves more than that? Especially since the money we spend here in Europe on the latest gadget can easily pay an entire scholarship at university for this same girl!

So, please help us with this, and assist those children that deserve so much better that what they were born into! You can either add a donation of your choice in the checkout process when ordering from us or send some money straight to us with PayPal or bank transfer. Please contact us for further details via our contact form. All donations are recorded in our bookkeeping and accounted for officially so you can feel safe they are going to the right place!

Thank you!! Together we can actually make a change!

Teleji empowers the people of Katanga

The Teleji Foundation is dedicated to improving health care and education in the Katanga Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our activities are concentrated in the village of Dilolo Poste, in the isolated and impoverished area of western Katanga. Dililo Poste is a regionally important town with a hospital, three schools and housing and employment opportunties for handicapped and lepra patients. We provide school fees for underprivileged children, give scholarships to poor but talented students and we help hospitals find medical equipment and qualified personnel. Ultimately, we want to give the people of Katanga a better chance at supporting themselves.

Please help us empowering the people of Katanga. Any donation, big or small, will be put to good use. We can send a child to elementary school for only 40 euro a year and to high school for only 70. A scholarship for further education costs 500 dollars a year.

handicapped boy dilolo poste maternity ward dilolo poste

Things we’ve done since we started in 2010:

  • We provided scholarships to five students in 2010-2011, nine in 2011-2012 and six in 2012-2013. We support poor but talented students in fields that directly benefit Katanga society and we make sure that at least 20% of them are girls.
  • We paid school fees for twelve children in elementary school in both 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. These kids would otherwise not have been able to go to school.
  • We visited Dilolo Poste in May 2011, taking with us a large donation of clothing, medical and other useful equipment.
  • During the trip, we also bought two boxes of school books for the local boys’ elementary school, as they had none.
  • We’ve sent two shipments of used clothing from The Netherlands and Belgium. The clothes are locally sold in the hospital shop, which in turn supports the lepracy centre.
  • We’ve provided detailed reports for the St. Francis Leprosy Guild in England and Children’s Missionary Work in Germany, both of which support projects in Dilolo Poste.
  • We succesfully helped the hospital in Dilolo Poste with their application for a new generator with the Belgian province of Limburg.

Read more about our activities at or like us at Facebook Teleji