We have so much fun designing and making these sweaters! And since we wear all of them loads it is hard to pick out any favorites! We do love how everything combines and layers!

All our sweaters are made in the highest quality materials we can find and we make sure every seam is perfect. The hoods are huge to fit even over a big dreaded hair, and the funnel feature has become something of a trademark for us that we get lots of appreciation for!

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  1. Magic Forest Jacket


    Comfortable and warm jacket in the highest quality polar fleece. It has an intricate decorative folliage pattern around the hood, sleeves and bottom hem and little pockets on the front. Can't get much cuter than this!! :) Learn More
  2. OMNIA Sweater


    This is a redesigned version of the original sweater we made as part of the stage outfit for Jenny in the neo-celtic band OMNIA. Lots of faeries has been wondering if we are not going to make a similar one for the Senjo homepage and here it is! Learn More
  3. Morgana Jacket


    Cotton sweatshirt jacket with decorative inside out hems with raw finish. Large pockets and hood, with flared sleeves. Perfect to keep you warm chilly nights, and looks great! Learn More
  4. Clover Jacket


    This simple but stunning jacket is made of warm polar fleece. It has our trademark huge tunnel hood and flared pointy sleeves. This will keep you warm and comfy during long forest walks all year around. A great basic sweater for every faerie wardrobe! Learn More
  5. Florais Sweater


    One of our personal favorites! This sweater is made in high quality stretchy tricot and available in many colors. The huge tunnel collar folds so elegantly around your shoulders and can be either pulled down to show your shoulders or just folded around your neck. The sleeves are long and a little flared and the bottom hem pointy and sits low on your hips. Learn More
  6. Earth Sweater


    This adorable sweater is a brilliant basic item for every wardrobe, we all here at Senjo have three each and wear them to everything! This sweater has a wide neck opening, long pointed sleeves, and pointy waist. It looks great on top of a longer top or on its own. Learn More